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CSUSB professor interviewed about ‘breadcrumbing’ in relationships (article in Spanish)
La Tercera (Santiago, Chile)
June 2, 2022

The Spanish-language publication interviewed Kelly Campbell, a CSUSB professor of psychology and an internationally recognized expert in relationships, about “breadcrumbing” – keeping someone’s interest alive by feeding them the smallest possible bits of attention. “Basically the less famous cousin of ghosting , the English term for the abrupt disappearance of a person’s life,” the article says.

“Breadcrumbing and ghosting have always existed in offline contexts, only now we have virtual domains in which they can be put into practice. In the same way that virtual life has added a new dimension to our lives, these phenomena add another layer that must be taken into account and managed,” says Campbell.

Read the complete article, in Spanish, at “Breadcrumbing: migas de atención virtual que no llevan a nada.”

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