At noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays, a distinctive coyote howl can be heard on the Cal State San Bernardino campus.

But it is not a coyote bark or yelp defending a territory; it is instead the CSUSB Coyote Howl, a reminder announcing the start of Cal State San Bernardino’s Coyote Hour at the Santos Manuel Student Union and encouraging students to get involved in campus activities.

Coyote Hour is a time for students to connect with and engage in co-curricular activities on campus and to build a sense of belonging at CSUSB,” said Jackie Varela, director of the CSUSB Office of Student Engagement. “We hope that students will hear that Howl and start to associate it with a time on campus to get connected.”

The Coyote Hour was created to urge CSUSB students to get involved in campus activities, meet with other students, and learn and be active at the university at campus affinity centers, Varela said. The first howl happened on Feb. 22 at the Coyote Hour Kick-Off event.

The noon hour was chosen as many CSUSB students do not have class at that time and are free to attend the Coyote Hour gatherings, said Jesse Felix, executive director of the SMSU.

Along with various events and meetings, the Coyote Hour will also include events to help students such as affinity center programs and Career Readiness Workshops. Some of the workshops include:

  • March 8, Resumes 101;
  • March 22, Explore Graduate School;
  • April 5, Networking + LinkedIn + Social Media;
  • April 19, Resumes 101; and
  • May 3, Financial Literacy.  

There will also be social events such as on March 17, the grand opening of the Santos Manuel Student Union North and the Welcome Back Boba Special at the Asian and Pacific Islander Center.

For more information, visit the Coyote Hour Events website on Coyote Connection.