The Department of Educational Leadership and Technology at Cal State San Bernardino houses the sole provider of career and technical education (CTE) programs in California. Students, whether they are community college instructors/administrators, police officers, firefighters, prison guards, nurses/other hospital staff, military personnel, or human resource trainers, are exclusively returning students (adult learning professionals).

They all need teaching credentials, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in CTE for professional development. They come from all 15 industry sectors and need credentials and degrees to increase their career options. The No. 1 objective of CTE is to meet manpower needs of society. CTE programs at CSUSB, under a transformational/visionary dean and chair, are staffed with leading scholars in the field.

You are welcome to watch the video, “Promoting qualitative research methods for critical reflection and change,” before entering the CTE programs. Once you are in the programs, these leading scholars become your co-learners in the learning process. They will assume a helping relationship with you, making certain every CTE scholar will successfully graduate from the prestigious CTE programs.

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