Cal State San Bernardino is proud to join with national higher education leader Excelencia in Education along the California State University and California Community Colleges to bring to the public “25 Years of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs),” a new, major research project.

This effort, supported by CSUSB and other committed institutions from across the United States, has produced a detailed set of analyses to inform educational policy makers, academic researchers, elected officials, and foundations how best to serve Latino students in higher education.

On Tuesday, March 2, at 10:30 a.m. PST, CSUSB will be one of the co-hosts of a virtual event, “California Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs in Accelerating Latinx Student Success.” Registration is free and open to the public online at the “California Briefing on 25 Years of HSIs,” in Accelerating Latinx Student Success” event page.

“We are deeply honored to be part of this great project that shows the hard work and dedication of Hispanic-Serving Institutions like Cal State San Bernardino in creating robust and challenging curriculum and programs to help our Latino students succeed academically and in our communities,” said CSUSB President Tomás D. Morales.

CSUSB, which has been a Hispanic-Serving Institution since 1994 and every year since, has a Hispanic student enrollment of about 65 percent. CSUSB is one of eight colleges and universities in California that are among the higher education leaders who have invested in this important project.

“Good ideas and work need support,” said Sarita Brown, Excelencia’s president. “We thank President Morales and Cal State San Bernardino for making common cause with Excelencia and for their leadership and investment in this important research that informs the nation as we navigate current challenges and sets the course for the future. These are leaders who stepped up in these challenging times to actively address equity, with a Latino lens, for their institutions, students and our country.”

Morales and CSUSB have a history and strong working relationship with Excelencia. Morales is affiliated with Excelencia’s Presidents for Latino Student Success, a network of leaders who are working to make their institutions learning environments where Latino students, and all their students, thrive.

The year 2020 marked 25 years since Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) were first funded through specific federal legislation. Excelencia in Education has taken responsibility for chronicling the impact and changes of HSIs over the years.

The new research shows that California HSIs often enroll and graduate a disproportionate number of the Latino students so needed for an educated workforce and citizenry. Along with documenting the seminal role HSIs have played in increasing Latino college completion, and the value of federal investment in these institutions, the new research informs the powerful engagement by leaders in higher education and policy sectors at a critical time in our country, when record numbers of Latino students should be enrolling in colleges and universities. 

“Closing equity gaps in degree attainment requires investing in the institutions enrolling and graduating Latino students in California and across the country,” said Deborah Santiago, Excelencia’s CEO. “Learning what these institutions are doing to intentionally serve Latino students and accelerating their impact is critical at the state and federal levels.”

About Excelencia in Education
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