The current COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of N95 masks is a primary concern and topic of classroom discussion and research.

The Health Science and Human Ecology Department-Public Health education, and the Department of Nursing are raising funds and delivering these masks to Inland Empire frontline medical staff.

Students, faculty and staff from the College of Natural Sciences are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our community and have teamed up to purchase the N95 masks from a vendor that sells to the public, so we would not be diverting supplies from health care facilities. 

Professors Amber Olney (public pealth) and Evangeline Fangonil-Gagalang (nursing) have delivered the masks to local hospitals.

Thank you to our CSUSB students, in HSCI 359, section 71-Global Health, for working so hard to find the masks and having the idea to fundraise!

To make a gift, go to the N95 Masks for Health Care Workers webpage.

Nurses receiving masks from CSUSB students