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CSUSB kinesiology professor discusses the value of public policies promoting active lifestyles
Jan. 6, 2021

Nicole C. Dabbs, a CSUSB associate professor of kinesiology, was one of the experts the personal financial website interviewed in a question-and-answer segment of its “Best & worst cities for an active lifestyle” feature, which examined the value of public policies and actions aimed at maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, such as preventing illness and cutting down on medical costs.

The website its panel of experts to share their advice on introducing positive changes both at home and at the policy level.

In response to a question about what communities can do to encourage such lifestyles, Dabbs said, “Local communities can encourage and facilitate active lifestyles among residents by allocating resources to programs in the community. Those resources can include a variety of programming by the local recreation departments, for example, free 5K sign-ups, free community activity classes (aerobics, circuit training, swimming, etc.) for all different age groups. Within offering these activities, the community programs should ensure that the instructors are qualified and certified to teach these activities. Some community programs offer free group fitness classes throughout California (and now in a few other states, called 3WINS Fitness. This program provides qualified instructors from kinesiology programs at universities to implement fitness classes in parks in the communities. This is a perfect example of how the community comes together to engage in physical activity and creates healthier community members.”

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CSUSB professor’s paper examines college choice process of Latinx students
Equity & Excellence in Education
Jan. 5, 2021

The journal published a paper by Nancy Acevedo, CSUSB associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership & Technology, titled “‘Hopefully I Can Transfer:’ Cooling Out Postsecondary Aspirations of Latina/o/x Students.”

The abstract reads, “Guided by the frameworks of college-conocimiento and the cooling out function, this study examined the college choice process of Latina/o/x students who attended an under-resourced urban high school.”

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Campus Compact honors Enrique Murillo Jr., CSUSB professor and founder of LEAD
Inland Empire Community News
Jan. 5, 2021

Enrique Murillo Jr., a Cal State San Bernardino professor of education and founder and executive director of LEAD (Latino Education and Advocacy Days), has been named winner of the Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award by the nonprofit higher education organization, Campus Compact.

The Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award is presented as part of Campus Compact’s Impact Awards, which recognize the outstanding work of individuals and institutions in pursuit of the public purposes of higher education.

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