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CSUSB professor interviewed about cyberattack on Israeli companies
Press TV
Jan. 2, 2021

David Yaghoubian, Cal State San Bernardino professor of history, was interviewed on the program “On the News Line” for a segment about a cyberattack in December that targeted Israeli security companies. A spokesman for an Israeli cyber security company, ClearSky, blamed Iran for the attack.

"Even if the Iranians were responsible for this latest cyber attack – and indeed the Israeli press has not ascertained culpability yet and so it said clearly that it can't determine whether or not the Iranians were involved – but even if Iranians were involved in this latest cyber attack, Israel would be in no position to complain about it," Yaghoubian said. "Having taken the cyber gloves off, if you will, by initiating cyber war directly against Iran in 2009 and '10 with the Stuxnet sabotage cyber campaign. This was a campaign of the United States and Israel under the codename operation Olympic Games which was designed to destroy elements of Iran's civilian nuclear energy program."

He added later in the interview: “I believe that this latest hack demonstrates that truly all systems are vulnerable to potential cyberattack. And considering the fact that Israel prides itself so much on its high technology and its cybersecurity, this just proves that even the Israeli cybersecurity can be broken. And so this raises the question, why play with fire, especially when fire will be fought with fire?”

The segment can be viewed online at “Israel hacked.”

Local school district honors veteran board member who is a retired CSUSB professor
News Mirror (Yucaipa/Calimesa)
Dec. 28, 2020

Chuck Christie, CSUSB professor emeritus, public administration, was recently honored by Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District board on which he had served for 12 years, and declined to run for a fourth term.

Before he was elected to the school board, Christie spent 36 years as a professor of public administration at California State University, San Bernardino, the newspaper reported.

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