Cal State San Bernardino is creating a new tradition – Coyote Hour – where twice a week, students will have the opportunity to learn about and get involved in campus activities, explore opportunities for leadership and engagement, and boost their degree and college experiences.

During the fall semester, Coyote Hour will be held virtually every Tuesday and Thursday from noon-12:50 p.m. when most students will have no classes scheduled. The time has been blocked out where students will be able to participate in the unique opportunities on campus. Coyote Connection can be accessed through the MyCoyote portal or by visiting Coyote Connection.

Coyote Hour is part of Coyote Connection, a university-wide initiative to get students involved at CSUSB through online programs and activities. The initiative is led by Student Affairs Vice President Paz Maya Olivérez and a coordinating committee that includes faculty, staff and administrators from the university’s different colleges and divisions, as well as students.

“The planning for this effort began back in March just a few weeks after the campus moved to virtual operations. The nearly 40-person committee quickly pivoted to determine how to launch this initiative in an online format,” said Olivérez. “I have to thank Jackie Gardner, interim director of the Office of Student Engagement and professor Janelle Gilbert. for providing leadership and vision as the co-chairs of the coordinating committee and keeping us moving over the last several months. We are thrilled to see this initiative finally get off the ground and look forward to continuing to develop and deliver robust programming to support student engagement and success.”

The committee will be creating some of the events for Coyote Hour, but departments across campus are encouraged to build on these efforts and use this time to engage students in their own programs and events.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Coyote Spirit events, where they can engage with peers and win CSUSB swag and other prizes.