Cal State San Bernardino's Advising & Academic Services department has launched “CSUSB Advising,” a podcast series designed to provide students and parents with information, tips and resources that will help them succeed in their academic, personal and career goals.

The bi-weekly podcasts -- the first of which was posted on Aug. 10 -- is co-hosted by Star Wildes, academic advisor and undeclared advising and social media coordinator, and Matthew Markin, academic advisor and graduation pledge coordinator, both of whom have extensive experience in keeping students informed about their academic journey.

The podcasts will air every second and fourth Monday of the month. Additional podcasts will air on Aug. 24, Sept. 14 and 28, Oct. 12 and 26, Nov. 9 and 23 (tentative), and Dec. 14.

Wildes said she is excited about doing the podcast and the opportunity to reach students using a different approach.

“Students have the opportunity to listen to our podcast when they are available and just like our social media platforms, they are a click away from getting the information they need,” Wildes said. “We are meeting the students where they are and guiding them along the way. This is something we have done via our social platforms and now expanding to a podcast, which I think will be amazing.”

The inspiration to do a podcast is first and foremost CSUSB students, Markin said.

“From social media to Zoom to email, we thought, ‘Why not a podcast for students and parents?’ If we all are not able to be on campus to interact, could a podcast be another avenue to inform and connect with our Coyotes?” Markin said.

Earlier this year, the two advisors talked about different platforms to use to connect and engage CSUSB students, but with the outbreak of COVID-19 that was put on hold as their priorities shifted to virtual advising and revamping in-person advising processes, Markin said.

The podcast idea was revived after Wildes and Markin spoke with an advising colleague from Auburn University about student podcasts, and as academic advising was moving further into new student orientations over the summer, the decision was made to make the CSUSB Advising podcast a reality, said Markin, who is a veteran podcaster.

Markin is the co-host of “Adventures in Advising,” which is geared toward academic advisors. “The goal is to bring together the global academic advising community to share knowledge, best practices and their own advising stories,” he said.

The topics to be covered in CSUSB Advising will include but are not limited to: academic advising, financial aid, career advising, tutoring, workshops, major information, ASI, and campus updates/deadlines, Wildes said. Each episode will have at least two interviews with campus resources and advising programs.

“Students will be able to participate,” Wildes said.

“They can listen to the podcast, provide questions through our social platforms in which we can help answer through our upcoming podcasts or social media posts,” Wildes said. “I believe that this is something that will help our students/listeners engage throughout this time and we are excited to see how this will turn out.”

The podcast episodes will be available on most podcast platforms that include Apple, Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and Buzzsprout.

For more information, visit the CSUSB Office of Advising and Academic Services.

CSUSB Advising podcast flier