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CSUSB professor comments on the Marine Corps and the issue of white supremacy


March 31, 2020

In a segment about the Marine Corps’ aim to tackle the revolving face of white supremacy, Brian Levin, CSUSB criminal justice professor and director of the university’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, says the Marines know they have a problem.

“They recognize it. The problem is there’s a bureaucracy,” he said. “And the way people are becoming radicalized has changed even from what it was 15 years ago.”

Today, white supremacist groups mobilize online.

“Bottom line is we’re seeing a reach for this age cohort by a global network of white supremacists,” Levin said. “And one of the key things you’re looking at – there’s even a movement within white supremacy now that says go for military-skilled folks.”

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