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CSUSB political science professor joins Super Tuesday live blog at FiveThirtyEight
March 4, 2020
Meredith Conroy, CSUSB associate professor of political science and a contributor to the website FiveThirtyEight, was one of the political scientists and commentators who participated in a live blog on the website as the results of the Super Tuesday Democratic presidential primary results rolled in.
A sampling: “Gotta hand it to Vox, they are already on the “Why Elizabeth Warren Lost Her Home State of Massachusetts” story! The article points to something we’ve discussed several times on the live blog tonight: gender gaps. It is hard to ignore the difference in support from men and women for Warren’s candidacy, especially white men and women with college degrees. That’s a small sample, but according to the exits, 40 percent of white women with college degrees backed Warren in her home state, compared to just 23 percent of white men with college degrees (30 percent voted for Sanders and 30 percent for Biden).'
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