The documentary, “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” which discusses the geological and environmental impacts humans have had on the Earth, will be presented by the John M. Pfau Library at California State University, San Bernardino at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

The Pfau Library will be hosting this event to raise awareness of environmental issues impacting the campus and global communities. The Anthropocene Project investigates the present state of the planet and uses creative outlets, such as art, virtual reality and augmented reality, to tell its story.

The documentary contributes to the global discussion of environmental issues from a scientific perspective and urges viewers to contribute to the conversations surrounding today’s environmental crisis.

“Anthropocene: The Human Epoch” is an award-winning documentary discussing the deadly environmental impact humans have had on the Earth. The third in its series, “Anthropocene,” takes its viewers around the world to display the almost permanent planetary change caused by excessive resource harvesting and other human activities. The Anthropocene Project brings environmental issues to light and discusses topics of climate change, extinction, sustainability and the future of the planet.

According to CSUSB’s Office of Sustainability website, the campus’ contribution to sustainable efforts is creating a resilient campus while also staying true to the university’s core values. Resilient CSUSB, a campus initiative enacted by its Office of Sustainability, was created to nurture a greener campus by limiting plastic waste and reducing the excessive use of campus resources. Today, CSUSB has installed solar panels, established a conservation garden, and actively participates in the no-straw and less-plastic movements.

The screening will take place in the Santos Manuel Student Union theater at noon and will be followed by a panel discussion led by four CSUSB faculty: assistant professor Jennifer Alford (geography and environmental studies); assistant professor Andreas Beyersdorf (chemistry and biochemistry); assistant professor Brittany Bloodhart (psychology); and associate professor Jeremy Murray (history).


Pfau Library to present award-winning environmental film, ‘Anthropocene’