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CSUSB geology professor interviewed for 20th anniversary of the Hector Mine quake
NBC Palm Springs
Oct. 16, 2019
It is 20 years since one of California’s strongest earthquakes, the 7.1 magnitude Hector Mine quake, rattled the Mojave Desert with a jolt felt throughout Southern California. But what is most remarkable was the minimal damage for a quake of that strength. But Joan Fryxell, a Cal State San Bernardino professor of geology, said the quake would have been a household name had it struck closer to Palm Springs.
Fryxell, who teaches a natural disaster course at CSUSB, said the epicenter was in a desolate area; there were no deaths related to the shake and the destruction was mild.
Fryxell said, “How much damage and how many injuries or deaths occur, depends on how densely populated the area is.”
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