I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to all members of the CSUSB community that were on campus last evening during the extensive lockdown and closure. I was on campus last night and joined many of you who sheltered in place for a long period while University Police led their investigation, searched the campus, and then methodically cleared buildings to make sure all of us were safe.  While inconvenient, our top priority will always be the safety of each member of the campus community.

The investigation of last night’s incident is ongoing.  It started at 5:20 pm, when reports of shots fired were reported to University Police in the vicinity of the Visual Arts Building and Parking Structure West.  While we are still determining the number of shots, there was only one confirmed bullet that entered a classroom in Visual Arts through a window.  It is believed this shot was fired from the chaparral north of North Campus Circle.  At this time, no suspects have been identified.  University Police are seeking any assistance witnesses may have with information on this case.

I am incredibly grateful for the bravery and skilled response of our University Police Department.  Their extensive training with incidents like this was apparent and their response was excellent.  During difficult times, we depend on University Police to keep the CSUSB family safe.  Job well done!  I would also like to extend my appreciation to the other local police agencies, including the City of San Bernardino, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and Aviation Unit, San Bernardino County Fire Department, Chaffey College Police Department, San Bernardino City Unified School District Police, and the California Highway Patrol, who all came immediately to our aid and joined forces with our campus police.

Incidents like this provide an opportunity for each of us to personally reflect on our responsibilities when it comes to protecting our safety.  If you have not already done so, I would urge you to add your personal information (especially cell phone numbers) in your My Coyote account, so that you will receive all CSUSB emergency communications, including text.

And please consider attending University Police’s ongoing safety seminar that could potentially save your life, entitled “How to Survive an Act of Violence.”   The next seminar will be held on Friday, January 19, 1:30-5:30 p.m. at the Visual Arts Building, room 101. For more information on this and future dates, please contact Sal Kennedy-Ross at (909) 537-3552.

Sincerely,Tomás D. MoralesPresident