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CSUSB professor Stuart Sumida consulted during development of 'Horizon Zero Dawn' video gameGame RadarMarch 20, 2018

Cal State San Bernardino professor of biology, Stuart Sumida, a paleontologist who's consulted on animal anatomy for films such as 'Kung Fu Panda' and Disney's 'Tarzan,' was one of the experts animator Richard Oud turned to during the development of the video game 'Horizon Zero Dawn.'

Guerrilla Games had its work cut out when designing 25 different species of machine, including plenty of agile quadrupeds and oddly proportioned bipeds. Fortunately, the natural world was an ample source of inspiration when animating all that wildlife, as Oud, the lead animator for the game, explained during his GDC 2018 talk 'Bringing Life to the Machines of 'Horizon Zero Dawn.''

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