Sisu, the newest officer to join the Cal State San Bernardino police force, eagerly entered the department’s briefing room filled with fellow officers, staff members of the department and university administrators, staff and students.

They had all come to welcome Sisu to the CSUSB University Police Department, and the police K-9 did not disappoint. The 2-year-old German shepherd wagged his tail, had snacks and even put his paw print on a large welcome card that announced his arrival.

Sisu (pronounced SEE-su), which is Finnish, roughly translates to mean “strength of will and determination in the face of adversity,” said Chief Nina Jamsen, who picked out the dog during a police canine training session.

“He was sitting in a cage and hadn’t been assigned to a department, so I said we will take him,” said Jamsen, who named him.

The new K-9 officer is trained to sniff out explosives and will work with Officer Manny Aguirre on patrols and investigations. The two have been working together and in training for six weeks, Aguirre said.

“He’s young and rambunctious, but he’s a good boy,” Aguirre said of his new partner.

“He’ going to be a good fit to our department,” Jamsen said.