Following 10 days of rigorous physical and mental training, 43 student assistants from the California State University, San Bernardino Police Department and Parking & Transportation Services celebrated their graduation from the Second Annual Community Service Officer Academy.The Community Service Officers, who are known as “CSOs,” are tasked with a variety of responsibilities that include securing university buildings nightly, providing escorts, and logging in and returning found property. The students are also responsible for assisting the public, faculty, staff and students campus-wide, as well as the UPD officers and nonsworn parking and police personnel. The CSO Academy is an annual tradition and mandatory training, 80 percent of which the students must complete in order to remain a CSO.The students took part in the specialized training during the first two weeks of September, where they learned what was expected of them professionally and how to best represent the CSUSB Police Department and Parking Services. From becoming certified in first aid and CPR to learning how to provide excellent customer service at the station, in housing, the library or the parking information centers, the CSOs mastered challenge after challenge. The cohort also took classes in the 10-codes and radio etiquette, found property processing, parking and traffic control, law enforcement ethics and standards, and self-defense techniques. The students bonded as they pushed themselves in physical training together every morning and even completed the three-story high challenge course on campus, which culminated with a zip-line drop. The academy is designed to be challenging, yet fun, and all of the physical activity is intended to teach the CSOs about teamwork, said Detective Devon Herrington, who runs the CSO Program for UPD. During the academy, the students learn the values associated with public service and the department’s mission, which includes integrity, commitment and responsibility toward others, Herrington said. At the end of the two-week academy, the CSOs celebrated their graduation on Sept. 12, where each student was presented with a certificate of achievement from University Police Chief Nina Jamsen. Celebrating this achievement is a clear example of how the University Police Department strives to be a partner in student success, Jamsen said.For more information, contact Sal Kennedy-Ross at (909) 537-4477. For more information on Cal State San Bernardino, contact the university’s Office of Strategic Communication at (909) 537-5007 and visit