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Professor comments on leading figure in militia movement stepping aside after backlash over Central American migrant caravanBuzzFeed NewsDec. 6, 2018 Brian Levin, professor of criminal justice and director of the CSUSB Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, was interviewed for an article about Ammon Bundy leaving the right-wing militia movement he championed after he was strongly criticized for his comments defending the large group of Central Americans in Mexico hoping to enter the U.S. and splitting with President Donald Trump on the issue. Levin said far-right groups, including alt-right and militia gatherings, have begun to show divisions and fractures since the 2016 election.Many involved in the groups united in opposition to the Obama administration, then to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and later in support of President Trump. But Trump's victory has left the groups without a target, and individual issues and topics have once again begun to split some of their followers. 'Once it changed from an insurgency into something else, once the left was thrown out of the hold of government, the expectations for the far-right changed,' Levin said. Read the complete article at “Ammon Bundy is quitting the militia movement after breaking with Trump on anti-immigrant rhetoric.”
CSUSB professor quoted in article about the first year of a relationshipRomperDec. 6, 2018 The lifestyle website, in an article about the questions not to ask in the first year of a relationship, comments from Kelly Campbell, CSUSB professor of psychology and nationally known relationship expert. The topic she addressed was whether it was appropriate to discuss having children versus a career. Campbell said that the “topic of children and childrearing should come up when the topic of engagement does, to determine if you two truly are a ‘match.’ In other words, leave it off the table at first — date, get to know each other, and those questions will eventually be answered.” Read the complete article at “7 questions you shouldn't ask in the first year of a relationship.”
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