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CSUSB economics professor writes a data-driven appraisal of recently floated basic income policies by India’s political leadersDeveloping EconomicsFeb. 6, 2019 Rishabh Kumar, CSUSB assistant professor of economics, wrote in an op-ed: “India’s opposition leader has recently floated minimum income support. The 1.5% GDP equivalent it requires can be financed through a 3% tax on the richest 3000. It is not just an idealized safety net for the poor – it has been done before, for the super elites. If it works, it can be a model for adoption in other emerging democracies.” Read the complete article at: “If India gave minimum support incomes to the rich before, it can do the same for the poor. Rahul Gandhi can do it.”

CSUSB professor interviewed about Virginia police officer suspended over alleged white nationalist tiesThe New York TimesFeb. 6, 2019 Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, was interviewed for an article about the ongoing controversy surrounding the governor of Virginia and a racist photo of him in a medical school yearbook. A police sergeant in Virginia who was assigned to monitor the protests related to Gov. Ralph Northam was suspended Wednesday after being identified by an anti-fascist group as having an “affinity with white nationalist groups,” which published pictures it found from social media accounts. Levin said some of the symbols in the social media posts could have “dual messages.” For instance, the Wolfsangel symbol — which resembles one of the tattoos — is a centuries-old insignia that was later used in Nazi Germany, according to the Anti-Defamation League. “These symbols, whether Wolfsangel or others, embrace Nordic history and culture,” Professor Levin said. “A lot of this has been appropriated by modern-day white supremacists and neo-Nazis.” Read the complete article at “Virginia Police Sergeant Suspended After Antifa Ties Him to White Nationalism.”

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