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CSUSB finance professor discusses credit card debtWalletHub In its “Ask the Experts” column about credit card debt, the consumer finance website interviewed James Estes, CSUSB professor of finance. “We live in an instant gratification society,” Estes said. “Most individuals do not perceive that using a credit card is spending since they don't immediately part with money so the thought is 'I'll pay later.’ As long as you pay off your credit card monthly, no problem. When you don't debt builds and this is what is happening. Credit card delinquencies are rising, not defaults yet, but delinquencies. This is an indication of problems down the road. When the recession comes, the cutbacks in staff and overtime will strongly impact these families.” Read the complete article at “Ask the Experts.”
‘Polarized, racially, political infused landscape’ contributing to rise in alleged incidents against people wearing MAGA hats, CSUSB professor saysNewsweekMarch 11, 2019 Brian Levin, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, told Newsweek that the center had also noticed a rise in alleged criminal acts against people wearing President Donald Trump’s MAGA hats and clothing.“We have a polarized, racially, political infused landscape—this kind of conflict now bleeds over,” said Levin. “Unfortunately, we expect to see more of this. We believe that white nationalists and far-right extremists represent the most prominent extremism threats,” Levin continued. “At a time of intense division, as well as the accession of euro or white nationalism, you’re going to get these retaliatory movements to arise as well, even though white nationalism is broadly dispersed and has the most followers.” Read the complete article at “Donald Trump MAGA hat attacks, intolerance: list of reported incidents against people wearing president’s caps.”
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