NOTE: This is an intermittent feature highlighting CSUSB faculty who are mentioned in the news. Faculty, if you are interviewed and quoted by news media, or if your work has been cited, and you have an online link to the article or video, please let us know. Contact us at

Monday was a busy day news-wise at Cal State San Bernardino.

First was the student-organized demonstration against the Nov. 8 election of Donald Trump as president.

Marching with with the students, Karen Kolehmainen, a professor of physics and chair of the CSUSB Faculty Senate, told a KABC reporter: “I’m very upset Donald Trump was elected. I just want to show solidarity with undocumented students, with people of color, with all of the people that Trump has criticized and denigrated.”

The video of the protest can be viewed online at “Los Angeles students hold walkout, call for unity post election.” The video itself is embedded towards the bottom of that web page.

Also on Monday, the FBI released its annual crime report that showed incidents targeting Muslims jumping 67 percent. To help make sense of the statistics, the news media turned to Brian Levin, director of the CSUSB Center for the study of Hate and Extremism and a professor of criminal justice.

Fox Network commentator Bill O’Reilly had Levin appear on his show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” on Monday. Media Matters for America posted the video and a partial transcript of the lively debate between the two at “O’Reilly rejects FBI findings of increase in hate crimes, describes the number as ‘infinitesimal.

Other articles related to the FBI crime report included:

Levin was also quoted in articles about hate crimes in general increasing after the Nov. 8 election: