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Enrollment Management

Welcome to Enrollment Management!

Enrollment Management serves the CSUSB community to support student transition from prospect to alumni. We provide critical resources that empower students throughout their higher education life cycle by way of outreach, admissions, registration, financial support, and programs and experiences that facilitate connections to peers and campus. #Coyote4Life

The department invites you to explore the broad range of services we have to offer prospective, as well as currently enrolled students. Our offices are here to assist you in getting better acquainted with all the resources available to you through this cluster of offices.

The Enrollment Management Department consists of the Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment, Financial Aid & Scholarships, the Office of the Registrar, Orientation and First-Year Experience, and Outreach and Student Recruitment.

Please take the time to visit each department's website for additional information.  We know you will be impressed with everything we have to offer.

Enrollment Management Goals

  1. Build a predictive analytics dashboard for inbound student enrollment needs for fall 2021. Build this dashboard by October 2020.
  2. Reframe Enrollment Management website to be external audience focused by fall 2020.
  3. Common Calendar: assess the timeliness of information and create an in the moment communication plan by January 2021.
  4. Build a one-stop plan including space/reconfiguration by May 2020.
  5. Put together a roadshow/mythbusting presentation to share with Academic and Student Affairs partners to advance understanding of class/enrollment data to start in fall 2020 with Academic Affairs Leadership.