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Hosting an Intern

Before hosting interns:

  • Sign and submit a CSUSB Learning Site Agreement
  • Complete and submit the Intern Request Form
  • Submit the completed Risk Assessment form
  • Internship positions will be posted on CSBS Internships – Current Openings, the College's internship website, for students' review.
  • Résumés of interest are forwarded to the employer contact for review
  • Employer interviews and selects intern
  • Employer notifies the CSBS Internship Coordinator of selection
  • Forms – Employers

After an intern is selected:

  • Faculty Internship Coordinator establishes Learning Outcomes.
  • Employer and intern establish key goals and objectives
  • CSBS Faculty Internship Coordinator verifies goals and objectives with host supervisor (only applicable if intern enrolls in an internship course)

At the conclusion:

  • Host supervisor provides intern performance feedback
  • Host supervisor completes a survey (initiated by CSBS Faculty Internship Coordinator)

Establishing Goals and Objectives

Many employers have an idea of what they're looking for when it comes to having a student intern at their organization. Determining how success will be measured helps develop effective goals and objectives.

From an intern's perspective, goals and objectives should be strong enough to provide a marketable experience for their résumé. From an employer's perspective, the goals and objectives should be relevant to the organization's mission.

Goal vs. Objectives—Defined

Goal: As the intern, what will they accomplish by the end of the internship?

Objective: What are the measurable steps to achieve each goal? How are they applying principles and theories learned in the classroom? How are they demonstrating and articulating career-based skills?

If assistance is needed with establishing effective goals and objectives, you may work with the Department Faculty Internship Coordinator.