Alfredo Cruz: Joint Operations Manager – Coyote Advertising and Radio, Contact

Kelli Cluque: Joint Operations Manager – Coyote Advertising and Radio, Contact

Lani Balane: Videographer, Collaborates with account executive to write video scripts for clients. Films and edits promotional videos for clients. Contact / Linkedin

Anissa Fitch: Account Executive, Coordinates marketing and creative advertising projects within a team setting. Facilitates relationship management with clients by developing creative content and ensuring full delivery of projects. Contact / Linkedin

Nicole Rodriguez: Graphic Designer, Creates and communicates ideas through visual design to inspire and inform.

Adam Wilson: Online Media Specialist, Develops and incorporates online media marketing strategies for Coyote Advertising and Radio. Contact / Linkedin

Alumni Success

Monica Rosales: "Working at Coyote Advertising gave me the opportunity to experience business in a whole new light. I have met amazing people thought multiple networking opportunities and the team work within the company truly allowed me to grow as a person. Although it was not the experience I was expecting, I can truly say it was an experience I wouldn't give up for the world."

Erica Zamora Reyes: "To summarize my experience at Coyote Advertising is very difficult, considering all aspects of what has made my experience. I've gain more knowledge and experience from my co-workers and Jacob than through hands-on work experience. Working in an open and creative environment of people has prepared me to work with others to develop bigger concepts that impact a company and every department within the company."

Ricky Aitken: "Working at Coyote Advertising has forever changed my life. Coyote Advertising gave me a purpose and provided me with a vision of exactly what I want to do with my life. This program opened numerous doors of career choices for myself and provided me with hands on experience that I could not obtain from the classroom. Without my experience at Coyote Advertising, I would not have obtained my first professional job as a Graphic Designer and definitely would not be where I am today.”