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Campus Wide Programs

THR!VE Health Promotion offers a variety of workshops that can be requested by professors, student clubs and organizations and other campus entities.

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Coyotes for Recovery:

Coyotes for Recovery is a chartered student club. Our mission is to develop a culture of recovery for the California State University, San Bernardino campus community by providing safe, healthy, and empowering learning environments that promote physical and mental wellness to support students involved in recovery—those seeking recovery and allies who support those in recovery—from addictive disorders, traumas, or other related emotional difficulties.

The Coyotes for Recovery pursue a wide variety of pathways that support students seeking help on the CSUSB campus. We support all forms of recovery here including 12-Step Recovery, Refuge Recovery, Smart Recovery, and other proven social models with proven effectiveness for maintaining sobriety.

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week:

The National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week takes place each October. Through a variety of activities, THR!VE Peer Health Educators empower students to make safe choices, set safe drinking limits, plan a safe ride, act to help a friend in need, avoid driving after drinking and to never ride with a driver who has been drinking.

Safe Spring Break:

Each year THR!VE Health Promotion equips CSUSB students with the tools and tips they need to have a safe spring break. Through a variety of activities, students learn about mature management of alcohol, impaired and/or distracted driving, safe party tips, sexual health and other related topics.

Alternative Spring Break:

Alternative Spring Break trips send students to other cities and states to engage in daily volunteer service projects and social issue awareness. Through service, participants are able to experience, discuss, and understand social issues while learning how to become active citizens in their own communities. Visit Recreational Sports Alternative Spring Break for more information.

Alternative Summer Break:

CSUSB Alternative Summer Break is a low-cost service trip that takes CSUSB students to communities outside of Inland Empire, where they take part in volunteering and hands-on learning. Students perform short-term projects for community agencies and learn about issues such as health, literacy, poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness and the environment. Visit Recreational Sports Alternative Summer Break for more information.

Not Any More:

"Not Anymore," created by Student Success™, is a video-based sexual violence prevention program. It is being offered to CSUSB students as ONE of the options to fulfill the mandatory “End Sexual Violence” Training, as required by state and federal mandates and Executive Orders 1095 & 1097, once per Academic Year. Failure to complete the training by April 29, 2016 will result in a Registration Hold for Fall 2016.

For more information visit: Title IX

Individual Substance Abuse

Weekly Open Recovery Meeting:

Please join us for an open recovery meeting that supports students in any stage of recovery from any type of addiction and/or codependency. The meeting format is secular and empowering. Personal reflection and stress reduction techniques are offered in a confidential environment. The only requirement to attend is a desire to be clean, sober, and healthy!

Meets:  Wednesdays from 4 -5 p.m.

Location:  Oak Room, Lower Commons

Orientation and First Year Experience


Student Orientation Advising and Registration (SOAR) is the mandatory orientation program for all newly admitted students into CSUSB. At SOAR, all freshmen students receive education on alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, Title IX, consent and general safety. Transfer students attend a one day training with abbreviated educational presentations on the same topics.

First Year Experience

The first year in college is the foundation of a student's success in college, and for their lives after college. Cal State San Bernardino recognizes the importance and value of this positive first-year experience for students, and the need for the university to facilitate students' effective transition to the University by providing a variety of experiences, opportunities, and foundational skills to help them become successful students.

First Year Experience (FYE) is an area of the Division of Student Affairs committed to supporting the academic and social transition to California State University San Bernardino. We define first-year student as any undergraduate student attending the University for the first time.

First Year Experience seeks to help students understand expectations associated with being a member of CSUSB community and educate first-year students about various support services on campus. First Year Experience provides support, resources, and programs for first-year freshman and transfer students as they build the foundation of their student experience.

For more information contact:

Orientation and First Year Experience

(909) 537-5233