Alcohol and Drug Education

A Special Message to the CSUSB Community:

With the recent passage of Proposition 64 (California Marijuana Legalization Initiative), it is important for the CSUSB campus community to understand what influence this new legislation has on campus. As a recipient of federal financial aid funds, CSUSB is required to follow federal law, which supersedes the new legislation in California.  Federal law requires the campus to maintain a drug-free community, prevent illegal drug use, and discipline those involved.  Consistent with the Federal Controlled Substances Act, it remains illegal at CSUSB to possess, use, consume, transport, cultivate, and/or sell marijuana on campus, including campus housing.

For more information on campus impacts due to Proposition 64, please contact University Police at 909/537-5165 or the Dean of Students Office at 909/537-5185.

Alcohol and Drug Education

Alcohol and drug education is a cornerstone of efforts at CSUSB to create a safe and healthy environment for all members of our campus community. We strive to maintain efforts that support abstinence, encourage low-risk choices regarding alcohol, other drugs and tobacco; choices that bolster positive living, learning and working environments for our community.


The ATOD committee at CSUSB envisions a campus community that makes healthy, empowered and safe choices.


The ATOD committee at CSUSB fosters a culture that empowers and educates the campus community to be healthy and safe.