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Alcohol and Drug Education

A Note to CSUSB Students:

Below you find useful information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  For further information about these topics and/or to learn about campus and community resources to help with excessive drinking, drug use, or any type of addictive behavior, please contact Albert Angelo, Senior Health Educator, at  or visit CSUSB's Counseling and Psychological Services website at

Alcohol and Drug Education

Alcohol and drug education is a cornerstone of efforts at CSUSB to create a safe and healthy environment for all members of our campus community. We strive to maintain efforts that support abstinence, encourage low-risk choices regarding alcohol, other drugs and tobacco; choices that bolster positive living, learning and working environments for our community.


The ATOD committee at CSUSB envisions a campus community that makes healthy, empowered and safe choices.


The ATOD committee at CSUSB fosters a culture that empowers and educates the campus community to be healthy and safe.