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Madeleine Jetter, Ph.D.

Madeleine Jetter, Ph.D.
Madeleine Jetter, Ph.D.


Co-Director of the CSUSB Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education

Madeleine Jetter, professor and chair of the mathematics department, is actively involved in the mathematical preparation of preservice elementary and secondary teachers.

Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education

Professor Madeleine Jetter serves as chair of the CSUSB math department and holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from UCLA. She is a co-director of the CSUSB Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education (CEME), whose focus is primarily enhancing content and pedagogy of preservice and in-service teachers, with the ultimate goal of improving readiness for college-level mathematics among students in the inland region.

“As a mathematics Ph.D. student at UCLA, I had the opportunity to be involved in teacher professional development and K-12 curriculum design, and began to discover how much depth there is hidden in elementary mathematics,” said Jetter. “I grew up thinking there was just one way to subtract multidigit numbers or divide a fraction by a fraction, but this isn’t true. Students in other cultures learn different methods, and understanding these methods helps us see there is complex reasoning behind mathematics, not just a series of steps to memorize. So when I began seeking faculty jobs, I looked for an institution that values mathematics teacher education and found CSUSB and CEME.”

The center’s goals include but are not limited to: create and sustain partnerships with schools, districts and local counties; provide ongoing teacher professional development programs, as well as self-contained workshops and institutes; build leadership capacity in local schools and districts; and assist teachers earning their California teaching credential.