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Program Eligibility

We at Project Rebound welcome any inquiries from anyone interested in joining our program and are serious in pursuing a college degree. However, we do understand that not every student will meet the requirements for admittance into CSUSB. Therefore, we invite you to visit the Admissions Website to determine your eligibility into the university, whether it be as a first-time freshmen or transfer student.If you are already a CSUSB student or plan to enroll at CSUSB in the future, please fill out our 

and email it to us at The questionnaire will allow us to better gauge where you're at in your academic career. 


We offer the following Support Services:

  • An introduction to the university
  • Admissions processing
  • Academic program advising
  • Limited financial assistance, if needed
  • Limited traveling assistance, if needed
  • Educational workshops in local jails and on campus
  • Peer mentors
  • Advocacy for students with parole and probation difficulties

Please see our 

for more information.