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Student Clubs and Student Organizations Special Events Policy

Student Clubs and Student Organizations Special Events Policy

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The Student Clubs and Student Organizations Special Events Policy pertains to events held by California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) recognized student clubs and organizations. These groups will be collectively referred to “student organizations” in this policy.
There are three types of events a CSUSB student organization may sponsor:

  • Club Meetings – Club members and guests’ Standard Events
  • Workshops – Leadership Development Training, Film Screenings, Skill-building/Academic-related, Faith-based and Cultural.
  • Large Scale Events – Dances, Concerts, Conferences, Large Scale Community Service

This policy and supporting protocol apply to large scale or special events that could include additional risk or high attendance. 
Protocols for coordinating a student organization-sponsored event including Special Events can be found in the Office of Student Engagement Student Club and Organization Handbook:
When the university or its auxiliary organizations offer, sponsor, or authorize on-campus events organized by student organizations that contribute to teaching, research, community outreach, and student life, the university shall facilitate campus operations to support the events and to mitigate their impact upon the campus learning environment and the surrounding community.
Large student organization-sponsored events shall be scheduled at least two months before the event date in order to ensure the event will not adversely impact traffic, parking, safety, or other operations or facilities. Approval for each event shall require the resolution and mitigation of these adverse impacts, and the approval shall be vested with the Vice President of Student Affairs or their designee. Consultation with the Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee), the Student Organization Event Review Committee, Associated Students, Inc., relevant campus departments, and the sponsoring student organization shall precede a final decision to hold a controversial event or event with potential adverse impact to the university.

Student Clubs and Organizations that sponsor large scale/special events (concerts, dances, and conferences) will adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Student Organization should submit EMS documentation
  • The Office of Student Engagement will acknowledge receipt of initial submission
  • Special Events & Guest Services or SMSU Scheduling acknowledgement of submission
  • Meeting with Events Review Committee (Risk Management, UPD, Parking, EHS, Special Events, and other appropriate campus departments) for recommendations and preliminary approvals
  • Final approval from Vice President of Student Affairs or designee

Event Plan

  • Student organizations sponsoring large scale/special events should develop an event plan detailing all aspects of the event
  • Event Plan should be shared with the Event Review Committee during the in-person meeting with the student organization
    • Special Event Insurance could be required in special circumstances
  • Event Review Committee Recommendations should be documented and adopted by the Student Organization within a week of review meeting
  • Final changes to the event or event plan should be communicated to the Office of Student Engagement in writing no later than two weeks prior to the event
  • A template for an event plan can be found here:


  • CSUSB students should be prepared to show student identification at the special event
  • The number of non-CSUSB guests and identification procedures will be determined in conjunction with UPD and the Events Review Committee

Police, Security, and Safety

  • UPD will determine the necessary police or security officers necessary to ensure safety at the event
  • The criteria for determining police or security cost can be found here: (UPD document)
  • Student organizations are responsible for covering security costs (except in special circumstances designated by the CSU Chancellors Office)
  • In special circumstances, Emergency Medical Transport may be required to be on site at the event


  • All CSUSB policies should be adhered to in planning and hosting large scale or special events including:
    • CSUSB Speech and Advocacy Policy
    • CSUSB Facility Use Policy
    • CSUSB Santos Manuel Student Union Policies

Proposed Timeline

  • Two months:  Initial EMS submission
  • 6 weeks:  Event plan developed and event logistics confirmed
  • One Month:  Event Review Committee Meeting
  • Two weeks:  Review Student organization assignments and event plan and final changes submitted
  • Two weeks:  Meet with advisors to ensure all details are solidified
  • Day of Event:  Student Organization touch point to walk through event
  • Week After Event:  Student Organization internal event review and develop recommendations for next year