Campuswide List Serves Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on September 21, 1998
Approved By: President Karnig on September 23, 1998
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on January 08, 2001
Approved By: President Karnig on January 17, 2001
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on April 16, 2001
Approved By: President Karnig on April 24, 2001

Source / Authority

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Telecommunications and Network Services, 909/537-5133 and Vice President for Information Technology Services, 909-537-5099


This policy is a revision of the previous "Policy on Campuswide List Serves" which was approved by President Karnig on September 23, 1998. The policy incorporates a new list serve, "CAMPUS," which is intended to facilitate communication of University business and activities. The new policy also prohibits advertisements of personal promotions. It is anticipated that the new policy will better organize campus communications among three list serves and eliminate personal business messages.


The purpose of this policy is to manage the flow of various types of information among campus list serves in an efficient and economical manner.


There shall be three unmoderated campuswide list serves on which members of the university community may post notices:

  • CAMPUS, which will contain notices from the University, its divisions and departments, and from University-recognized organizations regarding University-related information and events;
  • FORUM, which will be used for discussions and debates;
  • and BB, which will be available for posting by members of the university community notices regarding such things as animals needing homes, inspirational stories, humor, and any other item of personal interest.

No single message shall be posted to more than one list serve.

No promotion, sale, or offer by (or on behalf of) any commercial institution shall be posted on a campus list serve. The Office of Human Resources and College of Extended Learning shall be exempt from this provision.

Messages with attachments shall not be posted on campus list serves. Long documents should be posted on a website, and the website's URL included in the posted message.

Telecommunications and Network Services will post this policy periodically on campus list serve.

These lists will be open only to CSUSB faculty, staff, and ASI officers. The Office of Student Leadership may forward notices of student events or student commentary that it considers suitable to one of the lists.

All faculty and staff will be subscribed to CAMPUS one week prior to the first day of each academic year (e.g., September 12, 2001). Faculty and staff who obtain an e-mail account during the year will originally be subscribed to all lists. Individuals may unsubscribe or resubscribe to CAMPUS, FORUM, and BB, by using a web browser and accessing the campus mail server . Faculty and staff should not unsubscribe to CAMPUS except during vacations, sabbaticals, or other times they will be away from the campus for an extended period.

FLASH is a moderated list and only postings critical to the mission of the university will be posted on it. Public Affairs will assume responsibility for moderating the list; the Vice President for Administration and Finance will serve as a back-up. Individuals will not be allowed to unsubscribe to FLASH.