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Guidelines for Information Generated on the Electronic Marquee Policy

Guidelines for Information Generated on the Electronic Marquee Policy

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Approved By: President Karnig on

The Office of Strategic Communications is responsible for maintaining timely and accurate information about university activities and events that are of general interest to the campus community as well as the public at large. The office routinely researches, verifies and generates information about activities and events, which are publicized on the campus' main webpage, the news webpage, and shared with the campus community. Therefore, it is natural for the office to assume responsibility for coordinating and executing information for the electronic marquee situated at the University Parkway entrance of the campus.

Each request for an electronic billboard posting will be considered on its own merits. Submission of information to the Office of Strategic Communication will not constitute a commitment to publicize an event or activity on the marquee. The required Marquee Request Form for an event to be posted on the marquee should not circumvent proper submittal of a lease and/or space reservation agreement for use of campus facilities as outlined in the Facility Use Policy. The Office of Strategic Communication reserves the right to determine whether an event is sufficiently newsworthy to warrant a posting on the electronic billboard.

The Office of Strategic Communication will coordinate with a variety of campus offices and committees that plan and organize university activities and events, including, but not limited to, the Associated Students, Inc.; the art, music and theatre arts departments; Athletics, the Office of Student Engagement; Housing and Residential Education; and the Santos Manuel Student Union.

Moreover, the Office of Strategic Communication may be required to limit events publicity to major attractions when the marquee has space constraints. For the purposes of this policy, a major event shall be defined as: an occasion that is open to the public and has an anticipated audience of 150 or more. An exception to this definition would include events having a significant interest to the university.

There is no cost to CSUSB departments, offices, programs, or groups to have an announcement on the marquee.

Information submitted for the marquee should meet the following criteria:

  1. The event, activity or topic must be university funded or revenue generating for the university.
  2. The event, activity or topic must be of widespread interest or importance to the campus community as well as the general public visiting the campus.
  3. 'Welcome' message to groups visiting CSUSB may be posted for the day of the visit, space permitting.
  4. Congratulatory messages (such as Professor of the Year) will be posted on a case-by-case basis.

Not acceptable are:

  1. Political endorsements.
  2. Commercial or other for-profit messages.
  3. Messages from groups or entities not affiliated with the CSUSB or the California State University system.
  4. Any event that promotes illegal activities or violates any CSUSB, state or federal laws and policies.
  5. Announcements about events that are closed to the public, or limited to members of an organization, or that do not appeal to a wide university community audience.
  6. Any promotion of alcohol, tobacco, candidates in a campus election, political, factional, sectarian, racists, sexist, bigoted, false, misleading or deceptive viewpoints.

Emergency Messages:

Emergency messages may be posted to the campus marquee by the Office of Strategic Communication and may displace other posted messages. The Office of Strategic Communication will assume responsibility for moderating the posting, which is critical to the mission and safety of the university.

Parking/University Police:

Parking  Services and/or University Police may submit messages to the Office of Strategic Communication to bring attention to critical information such as road and parking lot closures as well as event parking information.


With the exception of Parking Services and the University Police Department (emergency messages), the following procedure should be used when submitting information for inclusion on the electronic marquee:

  1. Information about an activity or event should be submitted electronically by completing the required Electronic Marquee Request Form. The Office of Strategic Communication will receive the request via email, which automatically records the time and date the request was submitted.

    Each request for marquee publicity must:

    • Be received by the Office of Strategic Communication at least (3) three weeks prior to the desired publicity period on the marquee. For dated events, material should be submitted at least (1) one month in advance of the date of the activity in order to permit proper verification of the information submitted.
    • The online request form requires the essential data for marquee usage (please note that your office is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted):
      • Name of the event;
      • Date of the event;
      • Time of the event;
      • Place of the event;
      • Hosting department, program, organization of the event;
      • A person and telephone number to contact for further information, as well as for public contact; and
      • Any information, such as cost and parking information, that may encourage the public and the campus community to attend an event, if the marquee message is intended to attract an audience.
      • Artwork is optional and may be submitted with the online request form. If submitting artwork, it should be in one of the following digital file formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, .psd, .bmp, .eps. Also, short (no more than 10 seconds) video clips – no audio – may be submitted in one of the following formats: .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .mov.
        If designing in InDesign or Illustrator or similar design software, the artwork should be sized 8.24 inches wide by 7.32 inches tall, and exported as a jpeg file at 72 dots per inch or greater. In Photoshop, files may be designed at 198 pixels wide, 176 pixels tall.
      • University departments, offices, programs and organizations may choose to create and submit a finished file with text and art/video. However, the Office of Strategic Communication reserves the right to review and edit any and all submissions – and return them for modification – to ensure they comply with the university’s visual and branding standards, as well as accuracy, brevity and clarity.
  2. Upon receipt of the marquee request, the Office of Strategic Communication will review the data submitted to ensure the information is in a readable format, as well as preparing it in a suitable format for the marquee
    1. The Office of Strategic Communication reserves the right to edit and rewrite text submissions for accuracy, brevity, and clarity.
    2. If no artwork is submitted, it will be at the discretion of the Office of Strategic Communication whether to create artwork for the marquee request.

      The Office of Strategic Communication will make every attempt to publicize major events for at least a week prior to the activity, provided that all of the necessary information has been received in a timely fashion and remains accurate.
  3. The activity sponsor will be responsible for contacting the Office of Strategic Communication immediately of any information resulting in changes i.e. date, time, cancellation, so that the marquee will always reflect accurate and up-to-date information.
  4. Fees: A minimum-processing fee of $60 is charged for off-campus rental users. Postings are not guaranteed and are subject upon space availability.
  5. Questions and/or concerns about marquee publicity should be referred to the Associate Vice President for the Office of Strategic Communication.