Federal Work Study Employment Policy

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on December 02, 1996
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Reviewed By: Administrative Council on August 02, 1999
Approved By: President Karnig on September 08, 1999
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on December 11, 2000
Approved By: President Karnig on December 14, 2000

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For Interpretation of this policy, Please Contact : Financial Aid, 909/537-5227


The purpose of this document is to set forth appropriate standards for Work Study student employment which are consistent with the mission of the university and Federal and State Work Study regulations and guidelines.   For purposes of this document, the term "Work Study student" is to be interpreted as any student who has been awarded Federal or State Work Study funds in their official Financial Aid Award Notification.


Student Eligibility

A student must be awarded Federal or State Work Study funds as part of their official Financial Aid Notification to qualify for Work Study employment.  Exclusive of summer session, the student must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment during the term in which he/she will be employed and maintain enrollment status of half-time or greater and be pursuing a degree or certificate objective.

Graduate students must be "Classified" or "Conditionally Classified" in a master's program offered by the university.  All students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Financial Aid Office in order to continue Work Study employment.

It is the responsibility of the employing department to verify that the student maintains minimum units enrollment to retain eligibility for Work Study employment.

Period of Eligibiltiy:

The Work Study student period of eligibility may not exceed the award period.  Generally, this means the academic year beginning after July 1 and ending June 30, unless the student is enrolled for less than the entire year.  The period of eligibility ends when one of the following occurs:

  • The student earns the authorized Work Study amount designated on the official Financial Aid Award Notification;
  • The award period ends; or
  • The student fails to meet all other eligibility criteria for financial aid, e.g., enrollment status, satisfactory academic progress, financial need, etc.

Earnings Limitations/Monitoring Responsibility

A student may not earn more Work Study than the amount authorized by the Financial Aid Office.  It is the responsibility of the on-campus employing agency to monitor and terminate Work Study employment when the student reaches the authorized amount.  A student who works beyond the authorized amount will not be paid from Work Study funds, but rather from the employing department's/agency's own funds.

Working Hours

Generally, Federal and State Work Study students may not work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session, or 40 hours when classes are not in session.  It is permissible for a Work Study student to concurrently hold more than one job on campus, including a student assistant position, as long as the combined weekly hours do not exceed the maximums listed above.

Working Conditions

Work Study students are temporary employees of the employing department or agency.  As such, they are expected to maintain the same standards applied to other temporary or permanent employees.  Moreover, as employees, they are required to have a 15-minute break for every four consecutive hours worked, and one-half hour unpaid break for every six hours worked per day.

Where applicable, on-campus employing departments are required to insure that Work Study students pass the CSUSB Defensive Driving Test prior to driving any campus vehicle.   Additionally, in the rare circumstance where a Work Study student may use their own vehicle while working, the department must verify that the student has adequate automobile insurance.

Wage Plan

The pay rate for Work Study on-campus employment is determined by the university and corresponds to the existing student assistant pay rate scale.  For Work-Study student salaries, refer to the Federal Work-Study Job Classification Table and Salary Schedule . Student assistants provide a valuable contribution to CSUSB in the services that they perform in various departments throughout the university. In return for their services, students are paid an hourly wage. The University conforms to the State of California minimum hourly wage rate of $8.00, effective January 1, 2008.

The rate of pay for both student assistants and graduate student assistants is determined by the university's established pay range of $8.00-$17.26. Newly hired student assistants normally begin at the minimum of the range and may be paid up to the maximum rate.


The pay rate for both Federal and State Work Study off-campus employment is determined by the employing agency and corresponds to the wage scales for the existing labor market and the skills and duties required for the position.  The starting rate of pay must be approved by the Work Study Coordinator or Director of Financial Aid.