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Requirements For Graduation

  1. Completion of a minimum of 46 quarter units of acceptable graduate-level work, with at least 33 quarter units completed in residence at this university;

  2. A grade of at least 'B' in all Proseminars, and a grade point average of at least 3.0 ('B') in all courses taken as part of the program;

  3. To provide a breadth of content in this graduate program, a 300- or 400-level course may be used to satisfy a program requirement with the expectation that coursework is increased to satisfy the rigors of graduate work. In addition, students are allowed to take a 400- or 500-level course from any University department with the approval of the program coordinator;

  4. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination, or a thesis or project;

  5. In addition to completion of the graduate writing requirement, classified students enrolled in the M.A. in Social Sciences must satisfy the program's writing requirements by:

    1. Successful completion of the M.A. in Social Sciences with a grade point average of 'B' or better in Social Sciences core courses requiring students to write in a manner appropriate to the relevant social science disciplines; and

    2. Successful completion of the Social Science Comprehensive Examination (SSCI 697) requiring acceptable writing skills, or preparation of an acceptable graduate thesis (SSCI 699);

  6. At least 23 units of 600-level courses;

  7. Any additional requirements not cited above and listed in Graduate Degree and Program Requirements.