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Certificate Program in Healthcare Spanish

Community members

Option to enroll in courses via the College of Extended Learning.

For information regarding the completion of the Certificate Program through the College of Extended Learning please visit the CEL website.

Regular CSUSB Students

For quarters: to enroll in Span 251, you need Span 103 or equivalent

For semesters: to enroll in Span 2251, you need Span 1112

General information about CSUSB Undergraduate Certificates

For more information please contact Prof. Carmen Dagostino (


  • To prepare students in the healthcare fields to serve the growing Latino population in the Inland Empire and beyond.
  • Courses focus on specialized medical terminology and cross-dialectal and cross-cultural variation within Latin American and US Spanish. With an emphasis on culturally appropriate communication and interaction added to all courses.
  • Designed for students in Spanish, Nursing, Health Science, Kinesiology, and Social work

Semester Curriculum

Semester curriculum (18 units)
Course Number Course Title/Units
Span 2251  Intermediate Healthcare Spanish I (4 units)
Span 2252 Intermediate Healthcare Spanish II (4 units)
Span 3051 Culture, Health, and Food in Latin America (3 units)
Span 4401 Spanish for the Professions: Medical (3 units)
Span 4402 Spanish for the Professions Activity (1 unit)
Span 5557 or equivalent

Study Abroad/International Experience (3 units)

[Or: SPAN 4443, SW 4011, SW 4012 or any 5000-level internship related to healthcare]

  • Span 2251 offered each Fall and Spring
  • Span 2252 offered each Fall and Spring
  • Span 3051 offered each Fall
  • Span 4401 offered each Spring
  • Span 4402 offered each semester
  • Span 4443 offered each semester
  • Span 5557 offered each Summer
Quarter Curriculum (29 units)


(second year language courses)(13 units)

Span 251

Span 252

Span 253

Span 295

Intermediate Medical Spanish I

Intermediate Medical Spanish II

Intermediate Medical Spanish III

Junior Assessment (1 unit)

Upper Division(16 units)

Span 316B

Span 351

Span 575

4 units from:

Span 321

Span 322

Span 412

Spanish for the Professions (Medical)

Culture, Health, and Food in Latin America


4 units from:

Spanish in the United States

Hispanic Dialects

Latin American Civilization

Lower-Division: Span 103 or equivalent (e.g. challenge exam) needed for Span 251

Span 251 may be waived, Credit by exam for Span 252 (offered each Quarter in Week 8; discontinued after Spring 2020)

Semester Program Brochure

Purpose of the Certificate

The Certificate in Healthcare Spanish is a specialized language program for students in Nursing, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Psychology, and Social Work. The purpose of the Certificate Program is to prepare students in the healthcare fields to serve the growing Latino population in California.  Download the Certificate in Spanish Healthcare Program Brochure for more details.

The previous quarter system brochure is available here.