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Kim Hunsaker (B.A. 1997, M.P.A. 2015) Special Projects Liaison, CSUSB Student Health Center 

Kim Hunsaker (B.A. 1997, M.P.A. 2015)
Special Projects Liaison, CSUSB Student Health Center 

Kim HunsakerKim Hunsaker thought she would be a teacher.  But after earning her B.A. in English, she ended up staying at CSUSB and working in various university staff positions. 

“I just fell into different roles and responsibilities on campus.  It’s been 20 years now and an amazing journey,” she says.

Kim is currently a special projects liaison and confidential aide at the CSUSB Student Health Center.  In these capacities, she assists the director and medical chief of staff, participates in accreditation for the Center, and coordinates on-campus events for community agencies. Prior to this, Kim was the communications coordinator for CSUSB Capital Planning, which oversees building and expansion projects for the campus.  In addition, she has worked as the office manager for Alumni Affairs, and as a confidential aide to the Vice President of Student Affairs.  

Kim has contributed greatly to the campus and region—a fact officially recognized by her multiple awards.  She’s twice received the President’s Staff Award for Team Achievement, and she’s won the San Bernardino League of Women Voters’ Citizen of Achievement Award for her volunteer work and cultivation of campus-community partnerships.  Perhaps most notably, in 2014, Kim received the Augie Award, given to a CSUSB employee who is especially affirming, understanding, and inspiring.  

Kim graduated from CSUSB with her B.A. in English (Literature Track) in 1997.  About her time in the English major she says, “I can’t say enough about the English Program.  It prepared me so well.”  With the skills you develop in the English major “you can tackle anything.”  Kim later earned her Master of Public Administration degree from CSUSB in 2015. 

To current students, Kim offers this encouragement:  “Get to know your campus, faculty, staff, and fellow classmates.  Everyone is here to help you.” 

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