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CSUSB College Corps FAQs

Student Eligibility

Are Graduate Students Eligible? 

No, only undergraduate students are eligible to participate in this Fellowship. Seniors can participate during their senior year, but not after graduating.

Are part-time students eligible?

 No, only full-time enrolled students are eligible. The intent of this initiative is to support college completion for all Fellows, so we encourage campuses to align their program design with this goal.

Are first year students eligible?

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply, if they are a CSUSB full-time enrolled student by Fall 2024.

Is there a minimum GPA for eligibility?

Yes, a 2.0 minimum GPA is required to be eligible for financial aid.

Fellow Recruitment

How do I apply? 

You can apply via our online application at: 

When is the deadline to apply?

Priority applications are due by June 1, 2024

How many fellowship spots are available?

Our enrollment target is 75 fellows.

What date will the training start? 

Training for College Corps will take place in Summer 2024.

Does the College Corps team create our schedules or are we able to choose what volunteer opportunities we take on (assuming we still meet our hours)?

The schedules will depend on your availability and the needs of the host site.

So will PDC students volunteer in Palm Desert or in San Bernardino?

The College Corps team will do their best to find you a host site within your area.

Are all grade levels eligible?

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply, as long as they have one full academic year left.

Will the training be online or in person and how long is training?

Of the 450 hours of service, up to 90 can be training hours. These will be a mixture of in-person and online training.