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College of Education - Insights Article  
by Joe Scarcella, Ph.D.  |  Feb. 5, 2021


Veterans, Education Needs You! Do veterans make great teachers? As a veteran, I believe this to be true. As a teacher/educator, I have witnessed some of the best teachers that come from military ranks. Serving in the military affords one the opportunity to serve your country while gaining various experience. I never would have been able to travel the globe, live in various states and duty stations, work on a ship, participate in intense training programs, and be a part of a team bigger than myself. Only serving in the military will a person be able to see and do these things. The military exposed me to people from all walks of life. It is a once in a lifetime experience that involved commitment.  The military’s GI Bill was also a benefit and afforded me the opportunity to pursue my educational goals through my doctorate.


Can a veteran fit into the role of education? Military personnel are constantly training or in some training command.  Education and training are the foundation of the military’s existence. How can such a large organization move ships, aircraft, people, equipment, cargo, and supplies all around the world safely and efficiently with minimum mishaps, interruptions, and setbacks.  Veterans may not realize it at the time, but they are surrounded by well-trained personnel, operating together for a common mission, working as a team.


The military and education are alike in many ways. There is a need to educate and to train. Training implies the act of learning to perform a specific skill. Education is a process of learning something for the long-term, not so focused on specific occupational skill development.


Veterans have been tested and operated in challenging and demanding situations. They understand accountability and responsibility. A responsible person does what they are asked to do and an accountable person takes ownership in what they are supposed to do.


Education needs inspirational teachers and veterans have the skills that are needed. Knowledge, experience, intelligence, ethics, goals, decisiveness, team player, articulate, discipline, responsible, goal oriented, and motivated are some of the skills a veteran can bring to the table. Veterans can bring the best out in others by sharing their knowledge and experience which are needed by many today. It can be rewarding and segue to your educational career. Think of becoming a teacher today.  Both are important, both are necessary!  

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