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Why People Over 50 Can Make Great Teachers

Why People Over 50 Can Make Great Teachers

people over 50 make great teachers

College of Education - Insights Article  
by Joe Scarcella, Ph.D.  |  Dec. 12, 2020


Apply Your Knowledge and Experience to Impact Future Leaders

There are many contributions to Career Technical Education (CTE) that people over 50 can make. Some of the major contributions include experience, career and technical know-how, academic knowledge, and balance. People become teachers in the education profession for many different reasons. Those that choose to teach respond well to challenges and want to help others.   Teaching is a rewarding, exciting career that offers many new challenges for one that has been in the workforce. 

Careers with CTE provides an opportunity for those over 50 to develop new skills and methods on how to deliver curriculum, instruction, assessment, evaluation, and learning with modern technologies. Every day CTE teachers share their knowledge and experience with students that help them to master theory with practice in any career pathway. In addition, they shed light on career paths that keep communities competitive.

Some specific career paths include:
•    Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
•    Architecture & Construction
•    Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications
•    Business, Management & Administration
•    Education & Training
•    Finance
•    Government & Public Administration
•    Health Science
•    Hospitality & Tourism
•    Human Services
•    Information Technology
•    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
•    Manufacturing
•    Marketing, Sales & Service
•    Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
•    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

There is a high demand for qualified CTE teachers over 50, and it is predicted that there will be an increased demand in these major fields. The recent boom in various occupations has created a surge in demand for skilled workers as well. Society is changing. Less out-sourcing and more individual creativity has sparked a desire to recreate the workforce for employment, hobby, and leisure. The CTE teaching profession is respected and it motivates individuals to reach their potential. Having a purpose and being responsible for other individuals’ education certainly has its benefits as well. Why not get paid for sharing your knowledge, skills, and abilities? Get involved in teaching and be surprised what a wonderful second career it can be. Become a CTE Teacher today! 

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