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Statement of Purpose

The Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies will be a primary site for a set of innovative and productive programs for the study of American Indians and partnerships with local, national and international Indigenous Peoples. These programs will involve significant participation of CSUSB faculty, students and administrators, as well as partnerships with Native Nations (Tribes) in the region and nationally, and strong interactive connections with Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas and the world, many whom are already in contact with proposed Center personnel and the university.

The Center will conduct research, facilitate curricular and instructional programs, coordinate academic activities and interact on at least four levels of indigenous peoples, contributing to the development of knowledge and advancement of related social issues. CSUSB students, faculty and administrators will have enhanced opportunities to provide service, learn and become engaged in leadership roles in California and nationally.

The Center foci will operate on four levels of scholarly and programmatic activities – first will be the local and regional Native Nations; second will be National (U.S.) level, Native Nations; third will be the Native Nations in the Americas outside of the USA, Latin America including the Caribbean; and fourth will be diverse Indigenous Societies on a Global level, outside of the Americas. While the Center will maintain international focus, special attention will given to the local and regional Native Nations with the intent of forming partnerships between the Center and the local and regional Native Nations.