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Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary program that aims to provide students with a broad understanding and appreciation of the social sciences. By pursuing a major in which a number of social sciences disciplines are studied, students will appreciate the varied approaches and methodologies of these fields, as well as the interrelatedness of the social sciences disciplines.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences is to offer students an interdisciplinary understanding of human society. It is designed to equip students to respond to the challenges of an evolving society and to advance the quality of life life in a diverse global community. Students receive a rigorous grounding in their chosen disciplines and are exposed to interdisciplinary perspectives across the social and behavioral sciences. Through their close interaction with faculty in coursework and research, students graduate as critical thinkers and writers, cognizant and appreciative of diverse cultural and social perspectives. Students are skilled in the use and application of technology, and trained to be able to understand abstract concepts. They learn to apply and generate knowledge to better understand human society. They become adept at taking the initiative for independent learning. The program prepares students with knowledge, skills, and values they will need in their careers, which includes social studies teachers. It also prepares students to pursue further study and to continue their interest in social sciences.

Multidisciplinary Track

The multidisciplinary track is for the student with an interest in investigating the perspectives offered by multiple disciplines within the social sciences. The major coursework includes seven courses from a primary field and four courses each from two secondary fields. The primary field is chosen from six disciplines: anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Students may also select programs in Ethnic Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies as their primary or secondary fields. Secondary fields are chosen from these six disciplines and from other specified social science courses.

Teaching Credential Option

The Social Science Single-Subject Credential Option track prepares qualified students for teaching the social sciences in secondary schools in California. The Social Science Single-Subject Credential Option track follows a predefined curriculum that prepares students for entry to a Social Sciences Single-Subject Credential program.

Students interested in the Social Sciences major are encouraged to discuss their education and career objectives with a Social Sciences advisor, or with the Program Coordinator.

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