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Recent Projects

2023 Shultz wins New Zealand Fullbright specialist award

2023  Li studies spatial accessibility in Adult Day Services

2023 Jones studies Latinx individuals living with Parkinson's

2023 Li and Shultz study electronic health records at adult day services

2023 Jones studies cerebrospinal fluid markers and cognitive decline

2022 Li studies minority adult day service (ADS)

2022 Shultz writes about archival data and aging research

2022 Jones studies neuropsychological performance and Parkinson's Disease

2022 Jones studies head injuries and Parkinson's Disease

2022 Jones studies physical inactive and cognitive impairment

2022 Vogelsang studies LGBTQ older adults and vaccination

2022 Vogelsang contrasts older adult shingles and influenza vaccinations

2021 Vogelsang studies older adult shingles vaccinations

2021 Jones studies associations between GI symptoms and mood in Parkinson's Disease

2021 Vogelsang studies social participation across mid- and later-life

2021 Jones examines relationships between physical activity, anxiety and cognitive functioning in Parkinson’s disease

2020 Shultz reviews workplace trends for older workers

2020 Muheidat studies "Smart Carpets" to facilitate aging in place

2020 Vogelsang finds associations between alcohol abuse and social participation

2020 Jones studies early detection of cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease

2020 Jones studies links between gastrointestinal symptoms, cognitive decline, and Parkinson's Disease.