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Jacob Lacy

Alumnus Jacob Lacy '23 is inspired to pursue a career in biomedical engineering to study ulcerative colitis.
Jacob Lacy

Physics, B.S./ Biology Minor

Graduation Date:

Alumnus Jacob Lacy, having earned a bachelor’s degree in physics and a minor in biology in May of 2023, strives to become a biomedical engineering researcher to study ulcerative colitis, a disease that has plagued him and about 750,000 other North Americans.

“It took a couple emergency room visits before I was on the right treatment, but once I was being treated, I became really interested in how medicine and biological processes work, which led to me taking biology classes and pursuing the biology minor,” Jacob said.

For prospective CSUSB students, Jacob highlights the numerous

Student to pursue career in biomedical engineering with the goal of becoming a researcher in ulcerative colitis