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David Marshall, Ph.D.

David Marshall
David Marshall, Ph.D.

Honors Department / English

Regional National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) Chapter Advisor of the Year award

As the director of the University Honors Program, David Marshall guides students through their academic studies and has won the Regional NSCS Chapter Advisor of the Year award.

English professor receives Regional NSCS Chapter Advisor of the Year award

David Marshall, Cal State San Bernardino English professor, oversees the University Honors Program, which supports high-achieving students as they transition from high school into collegiate studies and provides a community of support throughout their time at CSUSB. Marshall has also been part of the university’s Faculty-in-Residence program, where selected faculty live on campus with students to form strong connections with residents and become a vital academic and community leader.

In May 2020, Marshall, who joined the CSUSB Department of English in 2007, received the Regional National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) Chapter Advisor of the Year award, one of only five recipients across the country who were chosen for this honor.

He specializes in Medieval literature and Medievalism in popular culture. This area focuses his scholarly attention on how the medieval past and its cultural artifacts continue to structure and influence modern conceptions of human experience. 

“My classes tend to be group explorations, in which my students and I work together to develop understandings of how texts convey ideas and engage with larger contexts,” he said. “Lectures, therefore, are short and intended to provide information to ground those explorations.”

Marshall earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University and his MA in Medieval studies (with distinction) from the University of York, England.