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Student African American Sisterhood

Student African American Sisterhood (SAAS) is an inspiring NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization dedicated to unifying African American women through the development of a sisterhood of distinction.  SAAS seeks to positively impact the lives of its membership through creating supportive networks among African American females, encouraging and assisting with personal and professional development, and providing strategies for educational attainment and success throughout the collegiate experience and beyond.  The women of SAAS are committed to planning and implementing programs that empower not only themselves, but the community at large.  SAAS members are encouraged to exemplify positive leadership and sisterhood in the academic environment and in the community.  As sisterhood is built, women will be empowered personally, academically, socially, and spiritually. 

SAAS has six core principles that serve as a framework that guide the organization, meetings, events, and activities.  They are:

  • Social Unity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Personal Development
  • Financial Affairs
  • Service Learning

All weekly meeting topics are based on the core principles. Each meeting is led by a SAAS Executive Board member. Each SAAS Executive Board member has a quarterly one-on-one meeting with their advisor. Weekly meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 6pm, in the Santos Manuel Student Union. For more information in reagard to SAAS contact Twillea Evans-Carthen at Addtionally you can visit the SAAS website

SAAS Group Photo