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Shared Governance - Committee Assignments

Staff Council Committee Participation in Shared Governance

Do you need a staff council representative to participate in one of your committees?  The Staff Council can provide you with a staff council member(s) to serve on your committees and searches.  Simply download and complete the fillable pdf Staff Council Committee Request form and submit to

* The fillable feature is only available after you download the form to your local computer.

2018-19 Committee Assignments

Shared Governance

  • CSU Men of Color - Jeff Beal
  • CSUSB Basic Needs Committee - Jenny Casillas
  • CSUSB Philanthropic Board of Directors - Sarai Maldonado, Rob Garcia
  • Employee Development Days 2018 and 3rd Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic - Stacy Brooks
  • 33 Annual Service Awards Ceremony - Stacy Brooks
  • IT Governance Committee - Randy Rouch
  • CAL, CBPA & COE Fall Commencement Rep - Lola Cromwell
  • CSBS Fall Commencement Rep - Sarai Maldonado
  • CNS Fall Commencement Rep - Stacy Brooks
  • Employee Development Days 2019 - Susan Mendoza
  • President's Picnic Planning Committee - Rob Garcia
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship Committee - Sylvia Myers
  • New Housing & Dining Strategic Planning Taskforce - Lola Cromwell
  • Scholarship Committee - Susan Mendoza
  • Shared Governance Taskforce - Patricia Aguilera, Robert Garcia
  • Shared Governance Steering Committee - Patricia Aguilera, Robert Garcia
  • Taskforce on Native American Student Success - Robert Garcia
  • Administrative Council - Robert Garcia
  • Collegiality Committee - Robert Garcia (co-chair)

Search Committees

  • Director of Tribal Relations Search - Alfredo J. Barcenas
  • Director, Title IX Associate Director Search - Sylva Myers
  • Director, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students Search - Stacy Brooks
  • Director, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships Search - Robert Garcia
  • Vice President for Student Affairs Search - Susan Mendoza
  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management -
  • Associate Vice President of Human Resources Search - Jenny Casillas

Staff Council - Sub-Committees

  • Bylaws Committee: Alfredo J. Barcenas, Carlos Huesca, Sylvia Myers, Diana Quijano, Randy Rouch
  • Elections Committee: Patricia Aguilera, Carlos Huesca, Sylvia Myers
  • Employee Recognition Committee: Alfredo J. Barcenas, Carlos Huesca, Sylvia Myers, Diana Quijano, Randy Rouch
  • Employee Emergency Fund Committee - various
  • Events Committee: Tiffany Bookman, Lola Cromwell, Robert Garcia, Diana Quijano, Randy Rouch
  • Executive Committee: Sylva Myers, Star Wildes, Lola Cromwell, Robert Garcia