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Grade Forgiveness


  • Undergraduate students may only repeat a course in which they earned a grade lower than a “C”. Eighteen (18) quarter units may be repeated for grade forgiveness. No repeats will be allowed beyond these limits.
  • A grade of No Credit (NC) or Withdrawal (W) cannot be forgiven.  These grades do not count against your GPA or in units earned.
  • Petitions for Grade Forgiveness should be filed after the completion of the course used to replace the previous course.
  • A course may not be repeated for the purpose of removing an incomplete grade. Only those incompletes that have changed to a letter grade of “C-” or less or an IC (Incomplete Charged) may be repeated for grade forgiveness.
  • Students on dismissal may repeat courses, in which grades lower than a “C” were earned, through the CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education.
  • A Grade Forgiveness cannot be processed for a course that was previously taken at another institution (college/university).
  • Courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for grade forgiveness as a Post-Baccalaureate student.
  • Credit by Examination (CBE) may not be used for grade forgiveness of a course taken previously.
  • Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.
  • Graduate students need to submit a Petition For Discount of Previous Grade with the Graduate Studies Office.

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Please Note: You may only replace the grade for the same or equivalent course.