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Grade Forgiveness


  • Undergraduate students may only repeat a course in which they earned a grade lower than a “C”. Sixteen (16) semester units may be repeated for grade forgiveness. No repeats will be allowed beyond these limits.
  • A grade of No Credit (NC) or Withdrawal (W) cannot be forgiven.  These grades do not count against your GPA or in units earned.
  • Petitions for Grade Forgiveness should be filed after the completion of the course used to replace the previous course.
  • A course may not be repeated for the purpose of removing an incomplete grade. Only those incompletes that have changed to a letter grade of “C-” or less or an IC (Incomplete Charged) may be repeated for grade forgiveness.
  • Students on dismissal may repeat courses, in which grades lower than a “C” were earned, through the CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education.
  • Students may repeat a course that is no longer offered by CSUSB due to the quarter to semester conversion.  Students may take a different course with similar content with the approval of the department offering the original course.  The number of units earned and calculated will be based on the new course. 

  • A Grade Forgiveness cannot be processed for a course that was previously taken at another institution (college/university).

  • Courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for grade forgiveness as a Post-Baccalaureate student.
  • Credit by Examination (CBE) may not be used for grade forgiveness of a course taken previously.
  • Grade forgiveness shall not be applicable to courses for which the original grade was the result of a finding of academic dishonesty.
  • Graduate students need to submit a Petition For Discount of Previous Grade with the Graduate Studies Office.

Have you filled a Graduation Check?
Step 1 - List the course and the grade to be forgiven
Step 2 - List the repeated course and grade that will replace the grade to be forgiven

Please Note: You may only replace the grade for the same or equivalent course.

Is this an alternate course to be considered for a course that is no longer offered by CSUSB?
An alternate course may be used for grade forgiveness only when a course is no longer offered by CSUSB.  The course content must be similar and approved as an alternate by the department chair of the course.  Written communication (dept chair approval via email) is required. If you do not have written approval, the Office of the Registrar will attempt to obtain approval.  However, please expect a delay in processing time. You may upload your written communication (approval) in the following field.
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