List of Buyers & Staff Contacts

List of Staff Contacts Assigned to Campus Organizational Areas

President's Office & Direct Reports Pamela Briguglio, x73145
Student Affairs Myra Vigil, x73190
Administration and Finance Amy Beran, x75145
University Advancement Grace Wichert, x75131
Information Technology Services Tiffany Talley, x73332
Academic Affairs Marie Torres, x75146
College of Business and Public Administration Tiffany Talley, x73332
College of Education Pamela Briguglio, x73145
College of Arts and Letters Marie Torres, x75146
College of Natural Sciences Marie Torres, x75146
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Tiffany Talley, x73332
College of Extended Learning Myra Vigil, x73190
Undergraduate Studies Grace Wichert, x75131
Office of Community Engagement Pamela Briguglio, x73145
Palm Desert Campus Marie Torres, x75146
International Center Pamela Briguglio, x73145
Library Amy Beran, x75145

List of Buyers for Types of Goods and Services

Advertisements Grace Wichert
Athletic/Sports Equipment and Uniforms Myra Vigil, Marie Torres
Audio-Visual Equipment Tiffany Talley
Audit Services Marie Torres
Automobiles, Carts Marie Torres
Auto Parts, Accessories, Tires Amy Beran
Carpeting Amy Beran
Cleaning Equipment & Supplies Amy Beran
Clothing & Textiles Marie Torres
Communication & Radio Equipment & Supplies Tiffany Talley, Marie Torres
Computer Equipment, Peripherals, Software, Accessories, Printers, etc. Tiffany Talley
Construction Agreements Avelina Saavedra, Amy Beran
Construction Materials, Hardware Amy Beran
Copiers Marie Torres
Copier Maintenance Agreements Grace Wichert
Electrical, Electronic Equipment & Supplies Amy Beran
Entry Fees Pamela Briguglio
Envelopes Printing Services, Amy Beran
Equipment Maintenance Agreements Grace Wichert
Equipment Inventory Property Office
Facilities Use Pamela Briguglio
Fax Machines Tiffany Talley
Film/Video Rentals Pamela Briguglio
Food Service Equipment & Supplies Marie Torres
Fuels, Lubricants & Oils Amy Beran
Furniture Amy Beran
Ground Maintenance Equipment & Supplies Amy Beran
Hand Tools Amy Beran
Heating & Air Conditioning Materials Amy Beran
Hotel Accommodations Pamela Briguglio
Internship Agreements Pamela Briguglio
Laboratory/Scientific Equipment & Supplies Marie Torres
Lamps & Lighting Fixtures Amy Beran
Medical Equipment & Supplies Marie Torres
Moving Services Pamela Briguglio
Musical Instruments Marie Torres
Name Plates Amy Beran
Nursing Agreements Pamela Briguglio
Office Machine Repair Tiffany Talley
Office Supplies Grace Wichert
Office Machines Tiffany Talley
On-Line Requisitioning Amy Beran
Paint, Sealer, Adhesives Amy Beran
Paper, Paper Products Grace Wichert
Performance/Professional Services Marie Torres
Pharmaceuticals Pamela Briguglio
Photographic Equipment & Supplies Tiffany Talley
Printers Tiffany Talley
Printing: Brochures, Catalogs & Envelopes Amy Beran, Printing Services
Procurement Card Myra Vigil
Promotional Items Myra Vigil
Publications Myra Vigil, Pam Briguglio, Grace Wichert
Recreational & Athletic Equipment & Supplies Myra Vigil
Rubber Stamps Amy Beran
Service Agreements Marie Torres
Service Agreements - Public Works Related Marie Torres
Software Tiffany Talley
StaplesAdvantage Grace Wichert
State Property Sales Property Office
State Stores (Material Services) Amy Beran, Tiffany Talley
Student Teacher Agreements Pamela Briguglio
Telecommunications Equipment Tiffany Talley
Vehicles Marie Torres