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Staples Advantage FAQ

How do I get access to place orders for my department?

Complete a Staples Advantage Web Site Access Request Form, obtain appropriate approval and submit the form to Procurement and Contracts, Sierra Hall Room 125.

Can employees take advantage of contracted pricing for personal purchases?

Yes, there is an Employee Purchase Program (EPP). Employees may register personal credit cards with Staples Advantage for discounted pricing on in-store purchases or make online purchases through See EPP Program flyer for additional information.

How do I return an item?

Check package tracking details for your order through the Staples Advantage website. Coordinate returns shipped by DYNAMEX through the website by clicking on the Return an Item button under Orders on the Dashboard page. See the "Returns" document for additional information. Have the item available for pickup by the Staples Advantage driver.

For items noted as shipped by a carrier other than DYNAMEX such as UPS, contact customer service directly at 877/826-7755. Have your order information available. The customer service representative will provide you with return instructions.

If you need to replace the returned item, you will need to place a new order.

How do I enter a chartfield string on my order?

Enter the full chartfield string in the Budget Center field. The fields MUST be entered in the correct order: Account-Fund-DeptID. Separate each field with a dash and pay attention to correct usage of letters and numbers (a letter O and number 0 are not interchangeable) and capitalize letters.

Sample: 660003-SB001-D0999

What do I do with used toner cartridges?

The next time you place an order, have your used toner cartridges ready for the Staples Advantage driver to pickup. There is no paperwork or labeling required. There is no charge for this service.

What time do I need to get my order entered to maximize my chances of next day delivery?

Orders should be entered by 3pm to allow time for Procurement and Contracts to review and release orders to Staples Advantage before Staples Advantage's submittal deadline.