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Working Title Policy for Staff (MPP)

Working Title Policy for Staff (MPP)

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Approved By: President Morales on

For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Associate Vice President of Human Resources, 909/537-5138

Section 505 - Personnel Policies, Rules and Regulations

In addition to, and apart from the position classification assigned to a position, a division, department or unit may grant to an employee a working title.  Each position is assigned a classification title based on the responsibilities and scope of the position. The classification title is the official payroll title and, in most cases, adequately describes a position.  However, if a position needs further clarification to identify a specific function, area, or specialty, a working title may be used to provide a better understanding of the job.  Working titles may also be used to differentiate between similar roles in a workgroup, or distinguish between similar specialties within a classification.

CSUSB MPP Working Title Guidelines:

  • A position may have only one working title. 
  • Working title may not duplicate another classification title.
  • Working titles must clearly describe the function, responsibilities or scope of the position, and should not misrepresent the authority or function of the position.   
  • Terms that are easily recognized and understood by internal and external entities should be used in lieu of abbreviations.
  • All MPP Working Titles must have a consistent naming convention: Role/Function, Area of Responsibility.  For example, Director, Talent Acquisition.

It is the policy of California State University, San Bernardino, that all working titles be approved prior to their use. Requests for new working titles or changes to existing working titles should be submitted to the campus Human Resources office for approval. Upon approval, the department may be required to submit a revised position description reflecting the new working title, and other personnel forms.