Weapons On Campus

Reviewed By: Administrative Council on January 10, 1994
Approved By:
Reviewed By: Administrative Council on March 06, 2000
Approved By: President Karnig on March 07, 2000

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For interpretation of this policy, please contact the responsible department: Office of Public Safety, 909-537-5165


California State University, San Bernardino, as part of the California State University system, is subject to State of California Penal Code. The Penal Code contains specific provisions which prohibit weapons on the campus of an educational institution. The Penal Code establishes a distinct difference between the possession of a weapon in the larger community and the possession of a weapon on campus. It is extremely important for employees, students, and visitors to the campus to understand this difference and the consequences of possessing a weapon on university property without lawful permission.

The California Code of Regulations Title V, Section 41301 and California Penal Code Sections 626.9 and 626.10, indicate that weapons are not permitted on campus. For the purpose of this policy, weapons may be defined as any firearm, any fixed bladed knife in excess of 2 and one half inches, any club-type weapon, any explosive device or any other weapon as defined by the California Penal Code and Section 41301. Some weapons are illegal to possess under all circumstances as described in Penal Code Section 12020,, and are not permitted on campus under any circumstances. Examples of these weapons include metal knuckles, ballistic knives, sawed-off shotguns, cane swords, etc.

Exceptions to these restrictions may be found in Penal Code 626.10 which provides for lawful possession of knives, chemicals and other defined weapons on campus when their presence is "for a lawful purpose within the scope of the person's employment." Any person wishing to bring onto campus for any lawful reason a firearm or other item specifically designed or intended to threaten, injure or kill people must first contact and receive approval from the Department of Public Safety. The Director of Public Safety or his designee will review the request and then forward it to the President for approval if the request is deemed lawful.

Any employee, student, or visitor who brings an unlawful or unauthorized weapon onto the CSUSB campus will be subject to the provisions of the California Code of Regulations, and Penal Code, including administrative disciplinary action, and/or criminal arrest and prosecution. The Department of Public Safety will follow its regular investigative procedures whenever an unauthorized or unlawful possession of a weapon by an employee, a student, or campus visitor becomes known. The appropriate Division Vice President, in consultation with the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, shall take immediate action to suspend any involved employee pending an investigation of the situation. In the case of a student involved in an unauthorized or unlawful weapons possession, the Judicial Affairs Officer shall take immediate action of interim suspension for any involved student pending an investigation. Subsequent action in any case may include criminal prosecution and/or disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment or a student's expulsion from the university.